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Apps, Web Apps, Social Apps … what is a social app ?

Apps refer to Software Applications. Some of the earlier computer applications developed were for basic mathematical computations, text manipulation, etc. These software applications made life a lot easier for mankind to perform basic tasks like computing huge calculations, storing results, editing text. These applications were stand alone and  later on with the advent of the Internet came to be better known as ‘Desktop Applications’.

The advent and penetration of the Internet moved a lot of software to the web like banking, emails, and e-commerce,  known as ‘Web Apps’. Soon, we also saw some of the office productivity desktop apps like Word Processing, Spreadsheet, and Presentation move to the web. This new concept of having the application being run on some server out in the Web made it easier for all concerned parties to access the same copies remotely and work on them without the hassle of transferring the files using traditional means of communication like diskettes, email, and jump drive. This change in direction of  software saw the birth of collaboration.

These web applications that let multiple people work on the same set of data ( Word Reports, Spreadsheet Graphs, or even Personal Data on Social Networking sites) are infact Social Applications. They combines the inherent human nature of interaction, sharing, learning and the powers of software under one umbrella.


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