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Video Avatars

We have seen avatars for quite a while in the web world. where they give a persona to your profile or page. Now, a company called Inteliwise brings Avatars that can speak and respond back to you.

These Video Avatars are real looking humans talking to you from the screen. The avatars greet you on visiting a page or a site  and can also be customized to  give you an overview about the service that the site offers. It can also can be asked questions to which they respond from a pool of available answers. The basic goal is to drive the users around the page to get the relevant information much more easily than traditional click menus.

The Avatars can be easily customized from a list of available ones and an appropriate background setting be selected based on the needs of the site. They provide an HTML tag to paste into your website and/or integrate with your companies systems for seamless integration.

The team also currently support a few other languages apart from English and will be creating more avatars based on ethnicity in the near future. It would be good to see the direction this smart and innovative technology leads ahead in the coming years. I highly suggest everyone to check it out at the company’s home page and have a chance to play with the Video Avatar.


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