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Leverage Existing Successful Facebook Apps


The Facebook platform has been a great launch pad for creating an engaging and viral social application. Developing an application for Facebook has an instant benefit that you can potentially tap into the 50+ Million Facebook users. They provide some really good tools/api’s to leverage the social graph into your Facebook applications. A fairly simple to complex app can be easily written with the knowledge of only FBML (like HTML) & PHP. (They do support a bunch of other languages as well.) 

If you are wondering what is FBML? It is basically a mark up language similar to HTML that has tags that are specific to Facebook. The use of FBML makes your application development faster and with less server side code to perform simple tasks. It also helps to keep the feel and flow of Facebook in terms of colors, styles etc.  They have tags to get trivial information like name, profile picture to a complete implementation of a wall with the use of a simple FBML tag. The other advantage of using FBML is that they are fine tuned to get the date from Facebook servers efficiently and so the response time is faster, thereby making your application load faster.

I have used these tags in my favor to quickly create dashboards, invites, wall etc and gather other friend data to have the feel and look consistent with Facebook. Now imagine if I could also use a few Tags to get some data from the content rich and successful application iLike for an application that revolves around music artists. Guess What? … It has been announced today that Facebook has allowed application developers to share/use custom tags from other applications. It’s an extension of the existing FBML tags. Facebook has just made it even easier and quicker to create some content rich applications for their platform. 


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