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VoicePHP is a service from TringMe that allows a developer to write Voice based applications. It’s basically the same PHP language that most developer’s are used to in creating rich dynamic applications. The difference now is that with VoicePHP you can use voice data as input and output.

The product is currently in Beta and developers can sign up for the API by contacting them for one. They have some code samples here.  I have applied for an API key. I will try to get my hands dirty with it and update with my experiences out here.


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  1. I have become fan of TringMe and yusuf (The Founder)

    Comment by RubyHacker | January 25, 2009

  2. @RubyHacker: Did you get a chance to write some VoicePHP applications ?

    Comment by socialapp | January 25, 2009

  3. […] Comment!  Jay Phillips is the creator of an opensource telephony framework Adhearsion. It’s a Ruby based framework that he created, so that the developers have a great experience creating voice enabled applications.  […]

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