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PayyAttention – micropatronage for online content


PayyAttention is another service that offers readers the means to support the blogs, sites, etc that provide them with their online content.  Stephen Farrell gave a demo of their service at the SiliconValleyNewTech meet up in July minutes after Cynthia gave a demo of  Kachingle, a similar service.

They have two models for the content providers to use:-

1. Patronage Model – In this model the content owner places a widget on their site so that the patrons (or readers) can donate some money to the site. It’s voluntary for the patron to disburse any sum of money. PayyAttention pays the entire money to the content provider except the transaction fees unlike Kachingle, which takes a 20% cut.

2. Paid Access Model – In this model, the content owner can charge the reader for providing access to exclusive content, or for removing adds from the post. PayyAttention take’s a cut in the model, which also help’s subsidize the cost for the Patronage model.

As an example GigaOm’s main site can use the Patronage Model, whereas the GigaOm Pro Network could use the Paid Access Model.  I can definitely see a lot of content providers having the ability to use the services of PayyAttention for increasing revenue or even cover basic hosting fees.

They also seem to have an integration with Twitter and provide statistics for shared links etc. To get an insight of their service you can request for an invite by email and also follow them on Twitter.

Demo Video from SiliconValleyNewTech Meetup

Screen Cast from PayyAttention


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