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Facebook Connect vs Twitter Anywhere vs New Login System ?

Facebook Connect vs Twitter Anywhere vs New Login System ?

I have been playing with google’s appengine for quite a while. I have
followed up on their tutorials and also made a really simple web app
where people can submit a quip. I use facebook connect for
authentication and other cool stuff from their graph API like the
“comment system”, “like button” etc to interact with my web app.

It’s live but I have not really tried to promote it either, as it was
more of a project for myself to make something using appengine and
facebook API’s. However, since it’s purely a fun webapp similar to
hotornot, fmylife, etc I am unsure how many people would like to
authenticate using their facebook accounts. I can always change the
login system to use just a simple user/password, since i don’t really
need the social graph.

Now, having some background dabbling with app engine, facebook I would
like to make a utility app that would definitely benefit a lot having
access to facebook’s social graph for a user and also the somewhat
limited followers graph on twitter. The dilemma I am facing is should
I actually rely on people using their facebook (or even twitter)
accounts to authenticate into my web app. Or do i come up with my own
authentication system and build relationships within it. What do you
guys feel ?


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