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Square Master

Square Master is a game developed for iPhone by Dan Bourque. I had the opportunity to watch the live demo of the application by the Dan.

The goal of the game is to basically move the blue square to the bottom center of the screen in minimum moves. The game has difficulty levels upto 126, meaning the solution need at the least 126 moves to move the square to the correct spot. He also mentioned that it has about 50000 different scenarios, so every time you play the game it would feel different.

It also has built in hints to help you figure out the next move and comes in three different skins paper(pictures on left), classic and glass.

The game was launched around September of this year with an average of 20 downloads/day for the paid 99 cent  version. It currently has a solid 5 Star rating.

I don’t own an iphone yet, but it’s something I would defnitely love to have at my fingertips during a commute or travel.


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