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Yet another platform to develop mobile apps … Palm’s Mojo


The development of mobile applications is the next trend for developers and entrepreneur’s to strike gold or build a company around a compelling application. The availability of the iPhone SDK last year has ushered in the creation of thousands of iPhone applications. It was closely followed by the release of the Android SDK by Google.  Application developers have rushed into creating application in either or both the platforms. 

The ease of access to the  built in hardware  like the accelerometer, the GPS,  the touch screen etc and the internal software/applications like the phone book, music player, browser have resulted in the development of some really useful applications. I liked some of the games that have utilized the use of the touch interface and/or the accelerometer. Some of the music instrument apps have done a really good too.

These two SDK and platforms are offered by companies that are leaders in Software Development. What about companies that are leader’s in the handheld/mobile space? Looks like we might have an answer for the same…

The preview of the Palm Pre in the 2009 CES show has brought to surface another piece of device that is both sleek like the iPhone. It also matches user interface and capabilities to the levels of iPhone and Android platforms. 

The Palm Pre will be powered with a brand new Palm Web OS. Palm says, “The user experience is developed around multitasking and the simplicity of a web browser. It features a web based application suite and supports touch screen finger based input, background applications and is tightly interconnected with the Internet and various web services.”

A few lucky companies (Pandora) had the opportunity to play with the Palm’s new Web OS and the Palm Mojo application framework.  Tom Conrad, the CTO of Pandora, spoke about the capabilities of this new development platform. You can read his thoughts over here. I am guessing Pandora would be one of the early applications on the Palm Pre market.



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